The retail sector has been booming tremendously after the advancement of mobility. With superb user interface and easy accessibility to a wider range of products, the rise of online retail sales has been phenomenal. With advanced technology at its support, this growth is expected to be consistent over the years and retail players can yield more. At eDigitalCloud we have helped several of our retail clients to chart a new story by making them leverage our technological edge. Being experts in development, design and marketing, we offer the right solutions to bring more business.


The key services that we offer in this domain are:

  • Holistic web-development services
  • Mobile app development
  • Quality testing
  • Content management service
  • e-commerce integration

Business Benefits

with our end-to-end design and development services in retail, our clients can create a better and more impactful user interface for their customers. our team of testers ensure that there is no flaw in the development and design to remove any sort of bottleneck from the process. The ecommerce integration and marketing further helps retailers to take their products to the masses and increase the chances of earning revenue.

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